General Information

School Fees                                  

Three and four year olds are eligible for the 20ECE hours. Anything after 6 hours per day and/or 20 Hrs per week is charged at $5.50 per hour.  If your time goes over the hour, you will be charged a part rate based on the time used. If your child is absent – fees are charged for the time booked.

Weekly invoices are put into pockets each Monday. Fees must be paid weekly or in advance. They can be paid by Eftpos, cash, cheque, internet banking, or an automatic payment can be set up to cover the fees. Please talk to Linda in the preschool office regarding this. If fees are not paid on time this may affect your child’s placement.  Some families may be eligible for childcare subsidy, see WINZ; however a payment system will also be required to cover any shortfall in Income Support.

An optional charge of $30.00 per term to help contribute towards the cost of having more than 80% registered teachers (we currently have 92%), providing Easter and Christmas gifts and for providing morning tea, afternoon tea.

 Our Full/All Day License is from 7:45 am to 5:15 pm (We are unable to accept children earlier or later than these times)

Afternoon Programme

Places in Montessori Afternoon Classes need to be booked. Please check with the office if you require bookings either on a permanent or a casual basis.

Withdrawal of students

Parents/whanau/caregivers are required to give 2 weeks notice before a child is withdrawn from the pre-school. Immediate withdrawal of a child without the two weeks notice will incur a charge of two weeks childcare fees.

Office hours

Any queries concerning bookings or financial matters contact Linda in the office, Monday - Friday 8.30 am - 4.00 pm.


Children should not bring personal toys to the pre-school as we are unable to take any responsibility for breakages or losses. It also creates distractions/disruptions for the children during work time.


Parents\whanau\caregivers are requested to ring the pre-school before the start of the session to notify the office of their child’s absence. A three week absence will result in the ending of any funding for your child and any income support subsidy (unless your child is sick or has a medical problem), you will then be liable to pay fees on top of the $5.00 per hour normally charged, to make up for the loss in funding for the preschool. If a child is away for longer than a week without notifying the office, the position may be filled by a child on the waiting list. So please let us know when you will be away. Also, if your child is away for more than 2 of the same week day in any month the government may stop the funding for your child. Please bring a doctors' certificate or written explanation for each absence.


It is really important that your child is dressed appropriately for school in clothes that can get dirty. Clothes need to be functional and comfortable for working on the floor and for playing outside Please ensure your child has a complete change of clothes at preschool, especially underpants and socks in winter. Accidents do happen and the children often get wet from water activities; indoors and out as well. Please also ensure that your child has layers of clothing in case our changeable weather gets warmer or colder as the day goes on. Please soak your child’s clothing if they get paint on them as we have not found a paint that is totally washable!

Changes at Home

If your child is unsettled or disturbed by any changes at home, bereavements, separations, sickness or other traumas, please let us know. This enables us to pay special attention to your child’s emotional needs at school.

Montessori Information

If you would like to borrow books or find out more about Montessori philosophy and practice then please talk to us, we would be pleased to help. We expect all parents to attend Parent Evenings, held twice yearly. It is important that parents have a basic understanding of the Montessori philosophy and help us to implement it at preschool and at home.

Morning Tea/Lunch

Each child is asked to bring a piece of fruit each day which is cut up and shared. The Preschool provides sandwiches for morning and afternoon tea. Please do not send your child to preschool with any additional snacks or drinks for morning tea. Water will be available at all times during the day and children should only have water in their drink bottle. If your child stays for lunch, parents need to provide a cut lunch which is within the guidelines of the nutrition policy in this booklet.

Civil Defence

The local Civil Defence assembly point is located at Mangapapa School.

Child Collection

Please ensure that the Head teacher of the class is aware of the name of any other person you delegate to pick up your child from pre-school. If we are not notified your child will not be released until the person is properly identified. If someone else regularly picks up or drops off your child please inform Linda in the office as well as the head teacher of the class.

School Outings

Parents\whanau\caregivers will be required to sign a form to indicate that they give permission for their child to attend outings. Usually a permission slip is also provided for specific outings. Often parent help is also required which gives you a chance to enjoy an outing with your child when possible.

School Roll

Parents/Whanau/caregivers are required to sign their child in and out daily to ensure an accurate record of attendance is kept, a Ministry of Education requirement.

Health Register

The pre-school must be advised of a child’s doctor, allergies, asthma, chronic illnesses, emergency contact names and telephone numbers and other information that may be required in the event of an emergency. If no parent\whanau or emergency contact is obtainable, the child\children may be taken to the nearest emergency medical centre. Please update this information regularly. If a child is required to take medication during pre-school hours, please advise the Head Teacher, sign the medicine book and supply the medication with directions and written instructions. Any medication for allergies, asthma etc, should be supplied to the pre-school appropriately labelled.

Vision and Hearing Tests

Tairawhiti Healthcare periodically come into the pre-school to test all children’s vision and hearing. The parent\whanau\caregiver will be advised in writing of the outcome of the test by Tairawhiti Healthcare. Please ask if you have any queries.

Illness and Infectious Diseases

If children are sick please keep them at home until they are fully recovered. This is for the protection of other children and staff as well as your sick child. The school has a policy that children must not return to preschool for at least 24 hours after their last incidence of diarrhoea or vomiting.  It is also important to keep children home when they have streaming noses or coughs, conjunctivitis or impetigo. The preschool also appreciates notification if a child has nits; and expects the child to not return to preschool until they are treated and free of eggs or insects.


Accidents are recorded in an Accident Register and a copy is placed in the parent’s pocket. If serious we will contact parents immediately if possible and seek medical advice or treatment if we are unable to contact parents or the emergency contact.


School newsletters and class newsletters are provided at least once a term. Each class has a whiteboard with the news of the week in the foyers outside each classroom. Please be sure to read it each week.  Each family has a pocket where news/bills etc. are posted for the family, please check these daily. Teachers welcome enquiries and information about the children in their class please do not hesitate to talk with them before or after class.

Any queries about an individual child should be made initially to the Head Teacher of the class. A meeting time may be arranged if you wish. The children’s portfolios are sent home twice yearly so that parents can see how their child is progressing. These are also available to parents to view at any time.

Please note: The staff prefer not to discuss any child-related matters with parents/whanau in the child’s or other people’s presence so arrangements should be made to accommodate this. Any complaints should be made in the first instance with the child’s Head Teacher and if not satisfactorily resolved, then to the Principal or finally, if necessary to the Parent Liaison Officer who will inform the Preschool Council.

Sun Sense

It is a requirement of the pre-school for all children to wear sun block and sun hats when in outdoor areas. Parents are to provide a sun hat which should be left at preschool each day. If your child has allergies to some sun blocks please provide your own and inform the child’s teachers.

Fundraising and working bees

Parents\whanau\caregivers are required to participate in fundraising activities and any Working Bees that are organised as this helps with the successful running of the pre-school and assists in keeping the school fees down.

Montessori Association New Zealand Membership (MANZ)

Gisborne Montessori Pre-school is a member of the Montessori Association of New Zealand, the cost of which is included in your school fees. MANZ works at government level on behalf of all Montessori school and provide professional development and training for teachers as well as the Montessori Voice parent magazine which is issued four times per yer.


Parking and Building Plan


It is each family’s responsibility to familiarise themselves with the parking system of the pre-school. It is important that the parking procedures are strictly observed for the children’s safety and so that our neighbours are not inconvenienced. If you are staying for more than a 2 minute pick up or drop off please park on the road rather than the outside the building. It is also necessary to inform any other transporter of children (e.g. Grandparents, caregivers) to observe these procedures. Please lock your vehicle

For your children’s safety: Do not let children walk on their own through the parking lot as they are too little to be seen by drivers particularly when a car is backing. Please bring them into class before having conversations with other parents as the car park is a very dangerous area.