History of Gisborne Montessori

The Gisborne Montessori Pre-school was founded in 1985 by Mrs Sybil Davies who operated the pre-school from her backyard for the first few years.  As the interest in Montessori education grew, the pre-school moved to a Church Hall to accommodate all the children.  Over the years the roll continued to grow and in 1991 the pre-school introduced another class.  In late 1993 the pre-school had to find another site as the rental accommodation at the Church Hall was no longer available.  The Parent Council decided to look for a suitable building to purchase. They found the present site in 1994 and had the existing building converted into two classrooms.  The pre-school resumed in 1995 in the new premises on Ormond Road and now has a role of 72 children supported by 11 teachers and staff.