Enrolling and Settling Children into Pre-school


Gisborne Montessori Preschool (GMPS) will ensure that there is a fair and equitable procedure for enrolling and settling new children..


To ensure that children who enrol at GMPS can successfully settle into the routine of the pre-school and to provide a process for assessing and assisting those who don’t settle well.


Parents/caregivers/whanau wishing to enrol their child make contact with the administrator who assesses placement availability and may offer a possible timeframe for the start of attendance. For enrolment, there is a registration fee of $10.00 (non-refundable).

The criteria for admission is based on:

1.  The date of enrolment 

2.   The age of the child. Children usually start near their 3rd birthday and ideally will be young enough to complete a whole year at the preschool before turning 5  in order to reap the benefits of the Montessori philosophy, (unless they are transferring from another Montessori preschool).

3.  Whether the child is completely toilet trained.

4.  The child must able to attend five mornings a week.

5    Whether child has siblings who have previously attended the preschool.

6.  Whether parents have a preference for a particular class.

7    Whether child is transferring from another Montessori or a Montessori waiting list.



The office administrator will approach the head teacher when a position becomes available.

  • When a position becomes available the head teacher arranges a meeting (outside of session times) with the parent/caregiver/whanau to visit the classroom to gain an understanding of the Montessori philosophy and for the teacher to meet and assess the child’s readiness.

  • A start date will be arranged between the head teacher and the parent for the child to begin preschool

  • Daily communication between the head teacher and parents will take place in regards to the child settling into the routines of the Montessori environment.

  • After four weeks of the child’s attendance a meeting will be arranged between the head teacher and parent to confirm placement or if necessary begin a management plan in consultation with the parents.

  • If the child displays aggressive or unacceptable behaviour, i.e. is not completely toilet trained, has bonding or attachment issues, is not developmentally ready for the pre-school the head teacher will meet with parents to devise a management plan.

  •  If after a period of 10 weeks from the child’s enrolment there seems to be little or no positive change in the child’s behaviour, the preschool reserves the right to ask the child to leave, with the proviso that they may try again at a later date or when the parent and teachers feel they are more developmentally ready, providing the availability of a position.

NOTE: The up to 10 weeks settling in period for new entrants give the parent/caregiver/whanau, teachers and child, time to acertain if the preschool is suited for all involved.