Parent/Whanau/Caregiver Communication and Consultation Policy



Gisborne Montessori Pre-school Community understands that communication and consultation with parents/caregivers/whanau and each other is essential

  • To ensure that parents are well informed about school operations and expectations

  • To ensure that parents have opportunities to contribute to decision making about their child’s care and education

  • To ensure that parents are well informed about their child's day

  • To ensure staff understand parents aspirations for their child’s learning


 To create open channels of communication with all parents/whanau/caregivers and teachers in relation to matters pertinent to everyone involved with the Pre-school.


  • At the time of enrolment parents will

    •  receive written information about the pre-school including communication and consultation and complaints procedures, child protection policies and the location of all other policies at the pre-school

    • be made aware of how they can be involved in their child’s education and care and any decision making concerning their child’s learning

  • Staff will welcome every parent into the pre-school daily and to share positive information about their child’s day

  • Head teachers will provide opportunities at least twice yearly to formally discuss learning and development with parents. Parents may also make an appointment with Head teachers or the Principal to discuss their child’s development and progress at any time

  • Parents will be given opportunities to discuss and provide information about their child’s specific interests, strengths and needs with teachers and through whanau voice within learning portfolios

  • Head teachers will discuss with parents any concerns about child behavior and learning and development and ensure they are kept well informed of any progress

  • Individual Portfolios of children’s learning and development are maintained by class teachers. Parents are encouraged to view these at any time and take home at least twice yearly. These portfolios are given to the child and their family/whanau when they leave the pre-school

  • Notice boards will display information relating to curriculum planning, licensing information, (including pre-school philosophy, vision and values, ERO report, ECE regulations, policies), staff qualifications and first aid, community notices, parenting articles and upcoming school events

  • Regular newsletters and the daily notices will ensure that parents are well informed about class and pre-school information

  • Staff will run information evenings throughout the year, including Montessori philosophy and curriculum and any other area of interest to the families/whanau

  • The Principal will ensure that parents have opportunities to contribute to the review of school philosophy and policies

  • The centre reflects the unique place of Maori as tangata whenua and the principle of partnership inherent in Te Tiriti o Waitangi

  • The pre-school Council will communicate with parents by putting a brief update from their monthly meetings into the pre-school newsletter each term. The full minutes from the meetings will also available from the office. All parents are given opportunities to attend Council meetings and the AGM.