Child Attendance Policy


The Montessori Method requires regular attendance by the child. Regular attendance is important in helping the child to develop a sense of belonging and continuity. The Montessori Method is sequential and builds on prior learning. The child benefits the most from attending for at least two years on a regular basis.

School Hours

Preschool licensing hours are from 7.45 am to 5.15 pm daily as per the pre-school license. This allows children to attend the preschool for the full day outside the daily three hour Montessori sessions. Children from all three classes arriving before 8.30 am gather in the designated classroom and are supervised by the teachers rostered at this time.

Morning classes:

Monday to Friday

Beehive 1             9.00 am -12 noon

Beehive 2             9.00 am -12 noon

Beehive 3             9.15 am – 12.15 pm

Extended Day Class:

Extension on morning classes for children nearing their start of primary school:

Monday to Thursday 1.00 - 2.30 pm

Afternoon Programme:

The Afternoon Programme is offered only to children enrolled in the three hour Montessori session, five days per week. It follows Montessori principles which includes aspects such as encouraging independence; showing respect for self, others and equipment; making own choices of activities used, putting own work away before moving on to the next activity or leaving the preschool to go home.

Sleeping facilities are available as required or requested by parents. Refer to ‘Sleep Policy’.

Hourly/Session Rate: - Hour rate $5.50 if outside the 20 free hours


Parents/whanau/caregivers are made aware that their child must attend sessions regularly. Through regular attendance the child develops:

  •   a sense of belonging at the preschool

  •  a good relationship with their teachers and peers

  •  familiarity with, and comfort in the learning environment

  •  progression of learning and development

Sessions are charged weekly and there is no refund for sessions not attended. Parents are encouraged to arrive at the beginning of the session or earlier to allow child/ren to gain full benefit of the Montessori work cycle. Parents are required to book if they need their child to stay longer than 10 minutes after the session finishes or come earlier than 10 minutes before the session starts.

Fees are payable weekly. If children arrive early or are collected late there will be a charge per normal hourly rate for time in excess of booked times.

The Preschool does not allow movement from one morning class to another. Any parent concerns relating to attendance will be communicated to the head teacher or the Principal.

An extension class is offered to children at four and a half years old for four afternoons a week. The head teacher of the extension class will liaise with the child’s head teacher and parents when positions become available. This is usually done on the basis of birth date but occasionally other factors may be taken into account. Queries about this procedure should be directed to the head teacher of the Extended Day class. This is not a compulsory class but is beneficial to the child before attending primary school.