Policy on infectious illness


The aim of this policy is to control the spread of infectious diseases in Gisborne Montessori Pre-school. At times we may have to exclude children and staff from the preschool. Exclusion is at the preschool's discretion.


To communicate to parents their responsibilities for sick children. Any child or staff member who is suffering from, or is suspected of suffering from an infectious disease or virus, including diarrhoea and vomiting shall not attend the pre-school for the period of the specific isolation requirements, or for such a lesser period as a medical officer of health may determine.


If a child or staff member who is in attendance at the preschool presents with symptoms or signs of a serious infection or becomes unwell then:

  • The person will be kept away from contact with other children and teachers

  • Parents will be contacted and requested to remove the child immediately by the Head Teacher. This will be recorded in the incident register. Staff members may be asked to go home if unwell.

  • Public health exclusion guidelines will be followed for all notifiable deseases.

  • The head Teacher must give clearance for an infected person with a notifiable deisease to re-attend the preschool, once the infectious period expires.

  • The preschool reserves the right to request a medical certificate from a health professional before allowing a child to return from illness.