Policy on nutrition


It is important for the Gisborne Montessori Preschool to actively encourage in their pupils and awareness of healthy eating habits for thier present and future health. The choices of which foods parents provide for their children impact on more than the individual child, and so a collective approach to safe and healthy eating is required.


The purpose of the policy is to ensure that Gisborne Montessori Prescholl complies with the National Food and Nutrition Guidelines and provides a food environment that is safe, healthy and conducive to learning for all children.

Parents have a responsibility to promote principles of good nutrition in what they provide for their children at Montessori and the preschool has a responsibility to provide and reinforce the principles of good nutrition in the food it provides for children and staff.


  • The Preschool practices as a nut free early childhood centre to ensure the safety of children attending the preschool, especially those who have nut allergies. This will require children's home prepared lunches (lunch boxes) to be free of nuts and nut products.
  • Allergies, food intolerances and special dietary requirements will be a shared responsibility between the child's family and the preschool. If a child's allergy is life-threatening a management plan will be put in place to ensure all teachers know and understand emerency protocols.
  • The teachers will ensure any food prepared at the preschool meets the Food Nutrition Guideline and is free from products that use nut derivatives such as Peanut Butter and Nutella type spreads. A sandwich will be provided by the preschool and fruit brought by parents will be cut up for morning and afternoon tea.
  • All food including any supplied by parents for other children's consumption for example a cake for birthday celebrations will be recorded on the food register.
  • Parents are asked to supply a piece of fruit each day (or two pieces if staying for the afternoon) for sharing for morning and afternoon tea (bowls for these are on the tables outside the classrooms).
  • Gisborne Montessori Preschool will make available to parents information on healthy eating and nutrition and provide opportunities for the children to learn about healthy eating.
  • In parent packed lunches, it is strongly recommended that highly processed food, foods hight in sugar and salt be kept to a minimum, one per lunch at most. Sandwiches, fruit, vegetable sticks, cheese, crackers and a biscuit would be the suggested lunch.