Policy on sleeping facilities


Gisborne Montessori Pre-school is committed to providing high quality care which meets the needs of the individual child.  Children who attend the pre-school for more than four hours a day may need the occasional sleep for their health and well-being. The amount and frequency of sleep varies from child to child and even from day to day.  Whether a child has a sleep or not must be in consultation with the parent but the pre-school retains the right to allow a child to sleep if they have fallen asleep or are showing signs of unusual tiredness are “unwell” or ask to have one. 

Provision of sleeping area

There is a single bed in the office where a child may sleep during the day if needed. A quiet sleep area can also be set up with up to 8 temporary beds in either the Beehive 2 or 3 classrooms when needed. Each bed will have its own sheets, pillow and pillow case and a rubber mattress cover.

Monitoring of Sleeping Children

  • Sleeping children are monitored by a staff member who is assigned responsibility on each given day.

  • A sleeping child is monitored every five minutes. The assigned staff member will monitor the child’s breathing, comfort level for warmth and general well-being.

  • A sleep chart will record the times the child is monitored. The child’s sleep pattern and length of sleep time is recorded and shown to the parent.

  • No child will be given a bottle while in bed.

  • Each child will have exclusive use of their own bed linen which will be changed at least weekly or for the next child’s use.

  • Staff will ensure that a peaceful, quiet environment for undisturbed rest is provided.