Policy on sun sense


Gisborne Montessori will ensure that the children and staff are encouraged to protect themselves from harmful ultraviolet rays. The UV rays increase from October, reach a peak by the end of the year and decrease in March. A sun protection policy is essential during preschool hours.


To encourage staff and children to wear protective clothing and hats for outdoor activities and at high risk times, e.g. lunch, playtime, sports.

To increase children’s and the community’s awareness of melanoma and practical skin protection.


  • Provide shade areas during outdoor events.

  • Hats are to be worn at all times during the summer hours.

  • To encourage staff to act as role models by wearing appropriate sun protection when outdoors.

  • Regularly reinforce the need to protect from the sun’s harmful rays to the wider community through newsletters.

  • All children and staff to have named hats that protect the face, neck and ears.

  • A broad spectrum SPF 15+ sun screen to be supplied by the parents and should be applied to all children/staff before departing the building. (The preschool will have a supply of sun screen).