Policy on ‘the learner’ management


Procedures shall be established to ensure the safety and well being of the child in accordance with Montessori philosophy.


  • Personal information is to be provided by the parent/caregiver/whanau at the time of enrolment. All information given is confidential and accessible to permanent staff only.
  • A pre-entry visit is arranged for each child and family to meet the Head Teacher and view the classroom. (Policy - Procedure of settling children into pre-school).
  • The Head Teacher is available either after class or by telephone after school hours for parent/caregivers/whanau to discuss their child's day. Child information is provided only to the parent/caregiver/whanau by the Head Teacher although positive feedback may also be given by the class teachers.
  • The class notice boards are used for current notices and weekly topics. Class and whole school newsletters are placed in parents’ pockets regularly to keep parents/caregivers/whanau informed of individual class and whole school activities.
  • Portfolios of each child’s activities and development are maintained by class teachers and are sent home twice yearly, (although these are available at any time for parental perusal at pre-school). They are also given to the child/parent when they leave the pre-school. Parents may request an interview with the Head Teacher of their child’s class at any time to discuss their child’s progress.
  • Sometimes parents from the same part of town collect or deliver each other’s children. Parents are encouraged to make these arrangements themselves. The preschool can assist new parents with contacting parents from a similar geographical area. The parents need to inform the pre-school if other parents are picking up their child from pre-school (as well as anyone not on their original ‘persons who may pick up my child’ list). The sign out sheet may be used for this purpose as well as verbally informing the appropriate Head Teacher.
  • New children go on a 'Waiting list'. Children are taken from the waiting list for admission into the school, following the ‘Enrolment’ and ‘Filling of Vacancies within the pre-school’ policies.