Policy on toilet training within the school


Gisborne Montessori Preschool (GMPS) staff will treat each child with respect and dignity at all times.

Children are required to be toilet trained before attending the preschool as we take enrolments at nearly 3 and are focusing on Montessori preschool education and need staff available for supervision within the programme.


To have all children toilet trained so that they can go to the toilet by themselves. (Parents can assist this by dressing the children in clothing that allows them to dress and undress themselves for toileting).

Staff will remind the children to go to the toilet periodically through the day or when a child is signalling that they might need to go.


If a child has an accident the teachers/parent/caregiver/whanau will:

  • Assist the child to clean up in the toilet area. Treat them with respect and dignity during this process.

  • Wear disposable gloves, use antiseptic wipes when cleaning the child and use disinfectant on the floor.

  • The parent/whanau/caregiver must supply changes of clothing for the child

  • The head teacher of the child’s class will inform the parent/whanau.

If the child regularly: wets their pants or has bowel motions in their pants it will be considered a problem.

If the problem continues for more than 2 weeks, the parent will be asked to keep the child at home until the problem is resolved. I.e. The child is toilet trained and does this independently. (Wipes his/her own bottom) The teachers will assist a child with fastening buttons or doing up clothing.