Policy on treaty of waitangi


Gisborne Montessori Pre-school recognizes that the staff, parents and children that are Maori or claim Maori ancestry are unique in that they may be ancestors of those who were signatories to the Treaty of Waitangi and/or those people who first settled in New Zealand.



The centre will provide clear workable guidelines to include Maori children in all aspects of the centre.


Respect the cultural and social needs and differences of Maori families, whanau and staff

  • Daily use of Te Reo i.e. days of week, months, phrases, numbers, songs, karakia.

  • Including a component of Maori culture in many aspects of the curriculum.  Maori resources- books, games, puzzles, and Maori items such as rakau sticks, pois, headbands, art work, etc.

  • Encourage staff to do professional development and extra training to extend their knowledge of Te Reo and Tikanga Maori.

  • Invite kaumatua of the children to the centre to assist with our Te Reo and Tikanga curriculum.

  • Educators will promote and support practices which respect Maori cultural beliefs