Blog of Montessori Moments

  Beehive 2 have been busy with their Montessori Activities















 We had a great time celebrating the new archway in our playground















We all sat quietly and listend to the story of the raindrops 














And we celebrated with Cupcakes!












Click here to have a look at a video of the celebration

Click here to have a look at a video of the children performing their waiata for the celebration


Harrison and Boston say, "We like the swings"!

"The teachers were really nice and cool"!


Jae and Lucy said "At Montessori we cilmb on the tree. We enjoyed playing in the avacado tree"
















Voilet, Kensa and Holly said "We like having turns on the slide and we do enjoy the garden! -are these strawberries ripe yet?"



























Red Nose Day






































We had a shared lunch with Nancy before she left for Morrinsville







It was lovely to catch up with parents and Pre-school Council members







as well as teachers/student teachers past and present